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30 DAY FREE TRIAL Transgenic and KnockOut Mouse Mice Breeding Colony Management Database Software

The 30 DAY FREE TRIAL allows researchers to evaluate the usefulness and benefits of Iseehear�s biomedical database and software offerings prior to committing to an annual subscription.

Find out how Iseehear can help you manage your research and experimental data management needs and requirements:

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30 DAY FREE TRIAL participants that subscribe to the Professional or Enterprise versions of Iseehear�s database and software applications are eligible for Special Offers.


Early Adopter Program Free Trial

The 30 DAY FREE TRIAL accessed through the Iseehear Early Adopter Program is for evaluation and testing purposes only.

Notes: Iseehear Early Adopter Program participants can not transfer data from the Early Adopter Program database with the intention of use in Professional or Enterprise Iseehear database and software applications. We strongly recommend that only test data be entered into Early Adopter Program applications. Data entered and rendered in test databases and software applications lends itself to a possible risk of being defective and thus the data integrity would be suspect.

If you wish to sign up for a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL associated with the Early Adopter Program, please click here.

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About SoftMouseDB

SoftMouseDB is a transgenic mouse breeding and colony maintenance record-keeping system for Life Sciences researchers. The SoftMouseDB record-keeping system is:
  • A database-driven, web-based mouse work management tool
  • Designed for life science laboratory research involving mouse genetics and mouse model experiments
  • Specialized for transgenic mouse breeding and mouseline colony maintenance
SoftMouseDB is designed and developed to allow you to:
  • Keep costs low
    1. No set up fees
    2. No implementation fees
    3. No maintenance fees
    4. No upgrade fees
  • Use tools that help you make informed research decisions
  • Access your research anywhere anytime using Iseehear�s sturdy and secure Internet and mobile solutions

If you have questions about the 30 DAY FREE TRIAL or the registration process please contact us at sales@iseehear.com

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